• What is Mischief Airdrop Miner?

    The Mischief Airdrop Miner (MAM) is designed for individuals with a long-term vision and rewards active participants on multiple fronts. You will not only be rewarded from the expected 3% daily APR generated on your staked BUSD, the majority of taxes for entering the Mischief Airdrop Miner buy DRIP token off the market and Airdrop it to Richie’s DRIP Team Rich or Rekt (link to team at the top of the page). That DRIP token will land in your Faucet which gives you a guaranteed 365% return paid in more DRIP.

    SH!TCOINS! is your current estimated "total value locked", an estimated value of your total share of the MAM contract. Once SH!TCOINS! are bought, they work for you indefinitely, therefore your TVL can not be withdrawn in one lump sum. When you buy SH!TCOINS! , they fill your basket with BUSD throughout the day with an estimated daily total of 3% of your TVL. You can pocket or compound the BUSD accumulated in your basket every 24 hrs. Pocketing too often will ensure a decrease in your TVL, which in turn will ensure a decrease in your daily payouts.

    The MAM is not for those who want instant profits that ultimately harm others. Miners can be viewed as internal tokens whose value rises and falls based on the combined actions of the community, just like any other coin or token that you may hold. But, unlike your average coins and tokens, MAM allows you to stabilize and increase your TVL by taking long-term advantage of its compound, referral, airdrop and lottery features.

    NOTE: The sustainability and longevity of this miner will depend on every single players' actions. It is crucial to compound your earnings at least as often as you pocket them. The moment someone doesn't do their part, the game as a whole starts to suffer. It is also important to spread the word and recruit more players to join. If every person brings in two people, and everyone plays the game as it's meant to be played, everyone wins. Do your part and this game will last a really long time!

  • What is Referral-O-Meter?

    The Mischief Miner has the first ever “Elastic Referral System” or the ERS. Where in the referral percentage will depend on the true value locked in the contract.

    If the contract balance is growing the referral reward is set at 8%. If the contract balance is shrinking the referral reward is boosted to 12%.

    For planned Marketing Events the referral rewards explodes to 16%!. Referral Rewards are converted as SH!TCOINS! increasing the investors share value of the Miner crushing the competition.

  • What is Anti-Bot Launch?

    The Mischief Miner has integrated an anti-bot launch to prevent bots from interacting or spamming buy transactions from the contract before it launches to gain the early advantage.

    If an address interacts with the contract 3 times, they will be automatically blacklisted and will be prevented from buying SH!TCOINS when the project launches.

    We recommend not to interact or try to buy from the contract unless it is announced in the telegram group or when the timer goes off.

  • Is MAM endorsed or in partnership with DRIP?

    The Mischief Airdrop Miner is in no way endorsed by the Drip Network, it is simply buying DRIP and using the tools that DRIP offers to create explosive passive income.

  • What makes this project different?

    The MAM also rewards users with daily lotteries which once again grant active participants the chance to win SH!TCOINS!. We have a Daily lottery which rewards fresh deposits of BUSD and compounds with tickets. And the largest daily depositors into the MAM are also automatically entered into another lottery which again rewards in SH!TCOINS!.

  • How does the events work?

    For every 5 BUSD you deposit or compound, you will automatically be given 1 ticket to the current lottery, up to 20 tickets max. These tickets come at no additional cost to you and have no impact on your overall investment. The lottery is automatically drawn every 24 hours or when the lottery has 1000 particpants, whichever comes first. When the winner is selected, 90% of the lottery rewards is sent to the winner's address as SH!TCOINS!!.

    For the Daily Top 5 Depositor Rewards, event will run every 24 hours and then the top 5 in the leader boards will share the prize pool. Same with the lottery, Rewards will be used to buy SH!TCOINS! and be added to the investors to further increase their earning potential. Rewards Distribution: Rank 1: 30%, Rank 2: 25%, Rank 3: 20%, Rank 4: 15%, Rank 5: 10%. Rewards pool is capped to 2,000 BUSD every day, ensuring the contract balance health will not highly be affected by the event. 5% of each deposit will be put into the rewards pool of each user who deposits into the protocol.

  • How does referrals work?

    Share you Mischief Airdrop Miner Referral Link, our Elastic Referrals System pays you 8% to 16% fee in SH!TCOINS! when anyone uses your link to buy SH!TCOINS!. Please connect your wallet to see your referral link.

    In addition to this, the MAM respects the Art of the Shill and utilizes the ERS. We have the most competitive Elastic Affiliate Marketing Rewards around today. Ranging from 8% to a mind blowing 16% Referral Bonus which is converted into SH!TCOINS! for you. Increasing your market share of the the MAM, beating out the competition to gain a powerful advantage over others in the contract.

  • Is the MAM project audited?

    The MAM is audited by George Stamp but we all know that DEFI is incredibly high risk and nothing is guaranteed. Richie is in no way responsible for you making or losing funds in the Mischief Airdrop Miner. Only Risk what you can afford to lose.